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By AaronBurns
If you start with a certain sized plastic board and put clips or clamps at the corners, then you can stretch out any shaped piece of rubber and draw on it. The further the rubber is stretched the better the effect on the rubber. First you stretch the rubber then you draw on it then you release the rubber from its clips. The shrinking of the rubber creates a very unique effect that is better and much like the old shrinky dink oven baked shinking plastic. The things you draw on the rubber shrink and look like some fantasy version of the drawn picture or word or what ever it is you drew on it. It is hard to explain, but easy to do. Buy a balloon and lightly draw on it then deflate it and you will see that the image changes and it also compacts making everything look like a logo type drawing. A must have for all those kids who need a creative outlet and a new idea that will thrill them every time they make a new drawing on there pads!

It could also be washable and water soluable so that you could reuse all the same parts including the rubber sheets that get stretched.

Reward: Four of these for my sister's children.
By timmyj
I think this is a very cool idea!!

Have you noticed the way written-on, shrunk balloons sometimes wrinkle up around the markings on them?? Maybe some special sort of markers are needed to use for shrunken latex art?

Also, how about an uninflated balloon with both ends lopped off (so it formed sort of a big rubber-band)? It could be stretched/rolled over a flat drawing surface.

It might also be cool if whatever it ended up as was stretched/unstretched sometimes. Like maybe you could stretch it over a drinking glass for identification/display in a shared kitchen @work.

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