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By AaronBurns
Some type of machine, loud speaker, magaphone, or computer generated extremely loud noise making device to alert anyone near by at a very great distance. This could come with a light on the outside of the home or apartment to add to the effect. The light could come in different colors to indicate the level of danger or severity of the person's danger. It could change from a range of colors like red for the worst to green for the least for example. A push danger (or panic) button worn around the neck would activate this danger device. This device would only be of minimal cost and come without the large monthly payments like a danger button that you can buy now. Nothing else like this exists to alert the proper people to come and assist the person who needs help at this low of price. The disabled people of the world who have little money to spend would find this to be a better alternative to the expensive alert systems available today. Anybody with a disabling or potentially dangerous condition would love to have the feelings of safety that come with this kind of protection.

Reward: Mass distribution.

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