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By swimmer
Everyone has old tapes. It would be cool to be able to listen to them on the PC. A tape-rom, just like the CD-rom could be made and althought it could be used to easely copy music from the tape to the PC and then to a CD.

Reward: a sample
By mrdee11091
i have been studying this ideam myself and if you get a tape player with an earphone socket on and and get a doulbe earphone end lead and then plug it into the pc microphone socket it works or just break up a couple sets of old earphones and join them up to have 2 jack plugs enjoy...... nice idea by the way :-)
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By Steve
Looks cool - thanks for the link! ;-D
By AgentOrange
Hey, what about a 'touchless' playback deck?

You could keep the tape running taut between the capstans, just a few microns off of the playback head. Adjust the gain a little, and you'd be looking at near digital sound, with zero tape wear and zero buildup on the head.

Any takers?

As always,

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