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By swimmer
I am a guitar player, and i always get tired from playing, and sometimes I touch a cord that I shouldn't touch when I am playing on the other. I think that a mechanical system could be added to the electric or accoustic guitar that resembles the piano keys, so when u press on the key the cord will vibrate.

Reward: a sample
By Stewie123
yea but it would make gitar playing alot easyer
By The_Wise
#8590 do you make open strings ring? No way! The guitar is fine as it is; learn how to play it, if your hitting the wrong string.
By Harry2
There already is something like that. I don't what it is called though.
One of my teachers had it ,, it looks like a minature Grand piano and it has 2 rows of buttons with the chord letters on them.
You hold it in your arms and strum it like a guitar and push the button for whichever chord you want. The button silences all the strings that shouldn't be played and allows the ones that should.
A perfect chord!
By Harry2
I Googled that,, and it is an AUTOHARP.
By probass16
i'm a bass player, and i used to have the same problem. just learn to play it better. that's how everyone else does it man. it's been just fine for years, so it doesn't need anything changed. and if you get tired holding it up, your guitar is either poorly balanced, or your arm is just weak. they sell harness straps that balance any guitar, so just buy one of those and keep playing. you'll get it eventually.
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By swimmer
some of the readers missunderstood the idea !

i am not talking about adding buttons t o hit the entier fretboard its only at the base of the strings where u shoud be picking !

and for fast picking everything can be adjusted by simple mechanisme change in pushing a button 1 i have althought designed it and i will post a pic !

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