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By One Way Home
When the pilgrims came to America, followed by many other folks, they came to find freedom and opportunity that they did not have at home.

For true believer Christians, it sometimes feels that way in America. Things that we hold dear are being eroded away by the Supreme Court, etc.

The Ten Commandments cannot be displayed in courthouses.

*beep* marriage is all but inevitable.

Hollywood mocks our values.

An outrageously unfair and complex tax code.

On and on.

The answer used to be the ballot box. And thought Christian conservatives still have some effect, we find that even GWB, a supposedly conservative President with a Republican Congress, does not really do the things that we think need to be done.

What if we pooled our resources and BOUGHT a very large swath of land in some suitable place (South America?). In return for allowing us to form a NEW NATION, we would bring American skill and so forth to their region.

Further, the building that would need to be done, the businesses that would need to be run, would benefit that nation's people, giving them jobs and trade.

Our trade would be linked closely to theirs, and they would benefit from our purchases, as well as our contacts within the USA.

We would have a very open relationship with the USA, but we would run our nation according to Christian principles.

This doesn't mean that all faiths aren't welcome, it simply means that we won't be taking down the nativities or the Ten Commandments because someone's little heart is offended.

Further, we would take the SAME Constitution and, seeking to apply lessons we have learned regarding the "interpretation" of the Constitution, insert language that would ensure that future courts and legislators never strayed from the original intent.

We would offer all interested Americans free land upon which to build, etc. The goal would be to become a place that expressed our general beliefs (without becoming theocratic in the least), and became an up-and-coming nation of growing wealth and influence.

Yes, it has a pipe-dream quality...but the pilgrims made their dreams come true. Maybe it's time to set sail again.

Reward: An estate, and a leadership role.

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