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Even in Alaska you have to go to the store and everyone on the planet does. If any outside or interior heat source (Your cars heater, the sun, Etc.) comes in contact with ice cream, milk, or any other product that melts or goes bad in the slightest of heat then we simply have garbage by the time we get it home and into the freezer (Very expensive). How many times have you stopped by the grocery store and thought a simple plastic bag and twist tie was going to keep things frozen or fresh then you suddenly remember to pick up you kids from school or have another errand to run? Always happens. You can't always get to a store next door and you don't want rotten food (Especially frozen foods that turn into unusable sticky messes) then you could simply use a multi sized thin (Cheap to make) plastic container with a closabe lid where the temperature of the food product keeps to the temperature of the food. If you place a 32 degree temperature product in a sealed tight container the inside will cool to a lower temperature and keep the food protected until you reach home and the best part is that you could squish them and recycle them. With a store's minimum of cost to produce a few different shapes and sizes to keep frozen foods in then you could drive around for hours all while the food keeps itself at a cool temperature as long as it is not directly in the sun (That's the bags job to keep it out of the sun). You can try to use different bags or triple bag it but, when has that ever worked unless you are a mile from the store?

Reward: I want them in every country and in every store!
How is this thin plastic container supposed to keep the food cool? A thin plastic container has very little insulating qualities so what is outside (high temperature) will very soon get inside to your food. Sure, having the plastic between the food item and the outside environment will add some small amount of insulation, but not much.

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