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By tumi
How about a Digital sizer for fashion designers that would be approximately a size of cell phone. Intead of having a tape, it will have a string that you pull and the get the reading from the screen of the gadget, the string would be something like 2,5 meters long.

When switched on it would prompt the fashion designer like 'Enter the hip size' then you'd pull the string and measure the hip. When you are satisfied with the accouracy of your measurement you press enter, then have the next command like 'breast size'..............and so on. After finishing your measurements you'll then add a voice tag to those measurements like "Measurements for JOHN" and then save, for added features, it might even have a digital cam feature.

To take this device to the next level you can add things like the USB port that will allow you to add all those things in a nicely ordered form on your PC's note pad or Database.

At the end of the day you'll have no need of papers to jot down measurements, it'll save time for clothing designers, being the fact that most fashion designers love glamourous things it'll surely be a hit in the market.

Reward: Acknolwedge my input and call this device, the Digisizer

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