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By keros
A simple webapplication that interfaces with iTunes to control the following through a web interface:

1. Control the volume
2. Skip tracks
3. Select an available playlist
3a. Select playlist should be used by "Party Shuffle"

I know this may/may not have limited use, but I use iTunes to play music for any parties that I host. The system serving up the music is inside downstairs and the music is playing outside. I'd like to be able to use my Audrey to access this system, which is why a webapp is needed instead of VNC.

Reward: A copy of the software.
By Nost
this is very do-able and i am intersted in doing it.
I believe i could get it done with a JAVA program put in a webpage.


I think the 'select a playlist' thing could depend on the iTunes being willing to help, but the rest play, stop, next, etc are all very easy program calls so no problem.

The ability to use it on a hand held device would depend on the device, I dont have any sort of thing like that so im not sure if they can run JAVA and if the program and program interface would have to be made to work on them.

I'll report any progress i make if i end up following through on these thoughts.
By Texan Impeacher
This looks interesting and I have been contemplating doing something like this myself (if it hasn't been done already). Just to clarify, would the playlists be created through the interface, or just selected?
By matthew.scott
You are looking to far for this project. Java is not necessary as an application on the device. It can be a simple html interface driven by ASP, PHP, or ColdFusion which I recommend because it is built on Java and you are able to code raw Java into ColdFusion pages to be parsed by JRun.

As for the creating play list idea, this is very doable through this interface being how most major media players usually have a common type of formatting for their play list files.
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