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By ashleylindsey
After all the bad experiences I have had in restaurants, I have decided that there should be an electronic menu on each table. I hate going out to eat, paying alot of money for it, and then having poor service. I also can't stand getting something that I did not order. Sometimes bad service can lead to no business for restaurants. This would be a simple menu that everyone could use. Customers can touch the items they want on a touch screen. It would also eliminate the wait time for customers who are in a hurry. This menu is not meant to replace waiters. This menu could actually help the waiters because it leaves less room for error, which means a bigger tip.

Reward: More relaxing meals, maybe a small profit for me!
By DirtpatchSmacky
I've seen a few "restruants" in europe with a similar idea. Two of the mcdonalds i went into had ordering kiosks, that printed out a numbered reciept, when it was ready they called the order number, checked the receipt, and gave you your food.
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By Xxistent
I like it. Being the antisocial person I am, I think it would be nice to be able to order without talking to someone I don't know. Lol.
It would save me the energy of having the verbally order something from a menu. It would be easier, it completely forgoes the chance of bad service, and I don't have to pay any more tips! I wonder why electronic ordering is so rare...
The only thing is, I feel sorry for all the waiters and waitresses who will lose their jobs when electronic menus become prominent.
By tem.ernst
"The only thing is, I feel sorry for all the waiters and waitresses who will lose their jobs when electronic menus become prominent."

we're trying to help people, not force them to retire and die at age 20. gosh. :-C

i actually went to a restaurant like this.
it was lame because i didn't understand the buttons, and the food was way too expensive :-# because they didn't have to pay as many people. LAME. :[

and there goes all the hope of me speaking french to a hot waiter when i'm 80 years old and flirting with every guy under 40 and showing off my sports car. because by then there won't be any hot waiters or guys under 40, cuz they'll all be dead from not having money to eat. and i can't speak french to a stupid machine. that's just wrong.
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