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In computer if we want to hear music but don't want to switch on the monitor we usually switch off the monitor. This reduces the power consumption. Why similar idea is not introduced in television?

For example if u want to hear only songs which are played in mtv or channel v and don't want to see the video of the song then we can use this idea. For implementing this idea there should be a button in remote controller. By pressing the button the power supply should be there to the television other than picture tube. By this means we can reduce the power consumed.

Reward: marketing manager of the company using this idea (as I am a mba student from top university of India) or television with this capability.
By dragonbonez
actually this can allready be done and is very simple. Just hook up a vcr connected to a stereo or other sound output device, then with the vcr connected to the television you can just turn on the stereo without the television ever even bieng on. Works great with cable and satellite tv stations, and if your vcr is programmed to control the channel changing, then you can even change the channel your listening to, without ever having to turn on the television.
By nirmala_c_k
Then it is better to go for a radio which has no video by default..... What for TV is then????????
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By swimmer
I personaly dont have a vcr .
i do turn the tv on in another room to listen to mtv.
many of the songs played on mtv (for example are not played on any radio )

I think that landlubber's idea is great .

if the tv had a standby option that does not stop the sound it would be great .
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