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By AaronBurns
When you buy a gun at a gun shop you need to fire a few rounds to get used to it. After a few rounds or more the inside of the muzzle has permanent grooves that match both the gun and the bullets coming out of the gun for years if not forever with very little change over time. If we photograph both the bullets and the matching inside grooves of the registered gun, we could then build a data base for all guns sold and like finger prints this will help find anyone involved in misuse of said fire arm. Stored on FBI or Government or any Law Enforcement Agency computer the gun would match the person who bought and registered the gun to the person linking them to any crime as an added aid to capturing ciminals.

Reward: Maybe you could give me the first gun using this technology.
By llemmart
they already do that. you go buy a new gun you will get a empty shell casing for the one bullet that has been fired, you get the case they keep the lead
By RustyStrings
There are a few variations. Some US states take one of two fired cases, for firing pin indentations.

On the other hand, a few thoughts. First, barrels can be replaced, defaced, or otherwise changed. A saboted bullet, while probably unlikely, would only leave rifling on the sabot, which might not be found. Also, shotguns don't leave rifling marks, as generally they lack rifling and use shot rounds. In addition, there are lots of guns out there that have not been 'fingerprinted' and of the ones that have, how do we collate skatey-eight ballistic databases and search them? And to be honest, if all it must do is go bang once or twice, a gun can be made in a simple machine shop. It may even be rifled, and 'fairly' accurate.

CA is considering serial numbers on bullets. Someone could handily cast up some servicable no-number rounds.

My suggestion? Any way, don't shoot anybody if you can avoid it.
By parhat
A microchip can be added in all bullets so whenever the guns are fired all pertinent information is stored in the bullets with the microchips concerning the possible suspects. An easier way is the the shooting hammer has unique ID stamps signature everytime it is shot thus preventing any possible tampering on the gun barrels.
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