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By showmethegadget
Create desktop wallpaper for computers programmable to any time zone and which has the sun rising on one side and setting on the other. The desktop landcape could be chosen to suit the user - cityscape, beachside and so on - and the shadows made by trees, cars and buildings would create the illusion of being outdoors.

Reward: A pat on the back
By Liquidream

Just to say that you might like to know that I've been working on a similar concept. Its called eScape and it allows you to have a 3D interactive wallpaper/desktop. You can rotate the view, and walk around, etc. even load applications by double-clicking 3D objects.

If you fancy a look, its on my site:

It's very much a work in progress and I haven't done work on it in ages, but one day I hope to find time to get back to it. :-D
By CODsniperkid
Liquid Dream, I have been thinking about this too. Its a pretty cool concept. I am a Visual Basic.NET Computer programmer(intermediate) and I would love to help this dream come to life.
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