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By viridian
I hate draughts round the edge of my quilt but I hate being folded in tightly with blankets. My idea is a long thin hot water bottle that can be velcroed onto the underside of the quilt all the way round the edge. Holds down the edges of the quilt so no draughts and it warms you at the same time. Probably best if it wasn't quite at the edge but a little way in so it doesn't fall off and drag the quilt down. Or it could be velcroed to the sheet as well.

Reward: 1 kingsized hot water snake!
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By Steve
Probably the biggest challenge would be to keep the water warm in such a thin container. :-?
By viridian
wouldn't the quilt keep it warm (at least until I'd got to sleep) ?
By Rishi
space suits use a thin aluminum film to reflect away high temperature radiation and reflect back body temperature radiation to keep the wearer at an even temperature and reduce power needs for suit temperature maintenance. A few years back a US neo nate hospital successfully demonstrated the use of thin aluminum foils in retaining the body heat of premature babies. Unfortunately, premature babies have a larger body surface area/weight ratio than normal babies and tend to lose heat fast.

Instead of a water snake with the associated issues of an unexpected puncture one can line the inner surface of the quilt with a thin aluminum foil laminated with a tranparent polyester film. Before someone raises the issue of the high thermal conductivity of aluminum it can be stated that the thermal mass of the thin foil is very small and will not lead to any chilling effect.

By viridian
nice one.
And a weighted snake around the edge (instead of the hot water) to stop the draughts.
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