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By JaSSoftware
Some highways in the US have a warning patch on the shoulder. It is a corrugated surface that vibrates the vehicle when the tires roll over - it makes a sound too. What if a modified 'corrugated' surface was placed on the road. This surface would have been carved using a special computer controlled machine, essentially 'Laying Down a Track' similar to the old Vinyl Records. The computer would use the average speed of the highway/road to lenghten or shorten the track to make the car hear it clearly.

Reward: Imagine having a welcome message on roads leading into a town/city. Off ramps could be announced.
By probass16
yeah, not gonna work b/c:

1. they make that noise for a reason. they have them there for people that are eitehr not paying attention, or fell asleep behind the wheel, it's loud and annoying to wake them up or get their attention.

2. if it's a good song, then people are going to want to drive on the side of the road, and that's not good.

3. you would only get the basic bass line or melody to the song in different pitches of the annoying noise. a record needle is made to pick up the vibrations accurately, and then is connectd to a bunch of electronic decoders that scramble it and put it back together, then put it out the speaker. the wheel would just vibrate on its own and make that annoying noise, lol.

4. i want to listen to my music, not theirs, lol.

5. some people have no musical talent and wouldn't know when teh music is too fast anyway. or some people want louder music, so if it became louder when you speed up, then people would just be going fast for the volume.
By AgentOrange
Plus, there's too much potential for backmasting.

The last thing you want to rear-end a backmaster.

(That's words to live by right there, my friend.)

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