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By showmethegadget
Create an online country. New citizens will be allocated a place in society at random. Their status will change through interactions (or lack of them)with other citizens. Once a substantial population is in place political parties will form and there will be referendums and elections, creating a true online democracy.

Reward: something nice
By Lord Loverocket
;-D Genius! ;-D

Just completed my web design qualification so that's my mission.

showmethegadget, if you're willing, get back to me with more info on the idea, and i'll do all I can to get it up and running.....
By dmacdonald95
Are you looking for online, offline, 3D, graphics/text, etc?

I found your idea and it looks very nice, but I'm not quite sure I know what you're looking for, I may be able to help make it

P.S.: is similar to what you are looking for, but without the interactions
By cold_fusion
i cud program when i was ten -- nub :-b
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By magicat
That would be fun, but most people don't have enough time for their own lives already. :~(

Still, I'd be a part of your country :-D
By andyroorocks20
yes i can program, check out my site If u want programming help I can :-)

Were you thinking of an application (exe) or a web-based game? Because an application would be easier with a live feed to the internet, uploading their current performance/results in small text or data format and everyone who is also connected would auto-downlaod that showing their progress
my email:
By thedoc7777
i think the only piece left to add to this puzzle to take it from fun to for real is to add commerce. Government only exists to handle money and redistribute it to the society, so for this to work you simply need to add a way for people to make money on it. That would give people a reason to come back for more than simply enjoyment, like one response said we're busy enough as it is. If there was profit potential people would come back, developing communities and as it grew societies. keep with me on this though i like the idea alot
By spannerintheworks
Called Sims online.. and Sims 2 online.. though not in the exact context..

or MMORG games like World of warcraft.
By Virgili
Hey people, i'm able to program net games with directx and also have a degree in economics, just tell me if u want any help with the project, either as a programmer or as a economist.

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By swimmer
hey guys , the country idea is great . there is something resembling it , it is childish a bit but it can be helpful .

people eat and drink , work , fish , and fight .

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