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By InventR
The idea is to put a warning system onto cars to warn others behind of a potential accident or bad road conditions ahead.

The basic idea is to have a set of high intensity flashers integrated on the roofs of cars which are connected to the cars ABS (Antilock Braking System). These lights flash repeatedly when ABS comes into play, warning cars up to a few miles behind.

The idea can be further developed by the ABS sending an FM warning or a Mobile alert to cars within a 2-3 mile radius of a possible accident or icey/slippery conditions in the direction concerned (lets say the car sending out the warning is travelling North).

The ABS can determine the type of braking (normal but heavy braking, braking due to ice, snow, sand, oil etc) and send the appropriate warning.

Cars moving in the opposite direction would also recieve the warning but the direction would help them figure out if its applicable to them or not. This signal could also alert the emergency services and end up saving a lot of lives.

Reward: A car with this feature would be fantastic.
By calibret
I like your idea.
I thought about something similar before where vehicles can communicate with each other at a short distance. More of a text messaging onto the IP. Maybe there are preset messages(e.g. warning other drivers of a speed trap ahead).

The only downside I thought about is now road rage drivers would be swearing into this communication tool and pissed other drivers off. Truck drivers that uses CB radio to communicate also talk to each other checking out the cute chick in the convertible.

It would really be useful in an accident in a heavily fogged area.
I read an article in Readers digest before where some college students had to risk their life jumping out of their vehicle to flag down all the other vehicles from going straight into a pileup accident when it was heavily fogged. Another incident I read was a hero stopped a school bus from plunging down a swept away river by waving his arms frantically.
By karmab
I think this is great. Someone should really impliment this. Although, a great many cars would need to have this installed in order to work, . . . . . . still it should be done.
By spannerintheworks
Hmm pretty good.. You would need something like bluetooth. But it'll have a 100metre range. So other vehicles need to relay on the message.

I think any sort of FM broadcasting generally with such power of 1km-2km would be illegal..
By ballwash
I think this is a great idea, but I'd go with flashing lights.

There should be some kind of way of deciding how fast the in front of you is travelling without having to rely on your brain.

If this could be done with brake lights flashing at different rates depending on the severity of the braking it would give you a quicker indication, allowing more time to think.

A solid light indicates that the car has come to a standstill while fast strobing indicates heavy braking through to one second flashes for mild braking
By InventR
I submitted this idea to BMW in 2005 using VIA. I've learned never to submit unsolicited ideas without patent protection.

Here's the link for submitting ideas to BMW in case anyone is interested. Cheers .
By InventR
belarusfreind wrote:It's a good idea...except BMW is already working on it...

Nice idea though!

Do you have a link or any idea where I can find this?

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