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By Tom Potter
Police are often called to settle domestic quarrels, and frequently the police end up injuring, and sometimes even killing someone.

I suggest that a better way to handle a highly charged domestic quarrel, would be for the police to have a special unit dressed in Kevlar clown outfits, charge in, accompanied by the loud playing of music and laughter, shooting seltzer water at the arguing persons, and clubbing them with soft rubber hammers.
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By Steve
Love it! ;-D
By karantk
cool idea dude...but will it always work???

And why does the clowns have to be police?? are they the best in shooting water? just kidding...great idea though. I guess we can improvise more on tht..

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By magicat
That would disolve the argument real quick!
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By Greenearthman
Your idea is the first that make me lol. Maybe nearby residents can dial an 800 number to dispatch the clowns, that would work......
By NumboJumbo
This one made me laugh. Not because it's stupid but because it's a great idea and conjures up such a wonderful image. How practical it is and whether it actually solves the root of the domestic quarrel is another matter. But still, it's a great idea and gets my vote.
By parhat
Police domestic quarrel divisions dressed up as clowns is o.k. But the problems about this is clowns will have trouble hidding in bushes should an event becomes a gun fight. Therefore, a laughing gas (nitrous oxide) bombs is shot or sprayed onto these people in event the situation becomes heated.posting.php?mode=reply&f=2&t=3171#
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