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By magicat
It would be awesome to make a pet door that responded to a specially made collar by opening. If another cat, or dog or a pest tried to get in, the door wouldn't budge. This would be nice because on hot days the dog could stay inside and not overheat, while still being able to do its buisness in the yard. And those nutsy cats would be able to go in and out as much as they pleased.

The only problem? Many cats love to shed their collars.
By breathing_mind_13
actually, i believe that i have seen something similar. you can buy it with your invisible electric fence, i think, and it responds to the same collar.
By InventR
The product was also seen in the recent animated film "Over The Hedge"
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By magicat
This is bizarre... I haven't been on here in ages, I just checked for new stuff... I found this thinking *stupid person, of course there are cat doors that open via collar... * and it turns out that I posted it..... %6
By Whsprz
I wonder if they have doors that respond to a programed injected micro chip instead of placing it on the collar?
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