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By victorbelo
It would be great to have a bracelet or something you strap in your partner with a white to red scale for how much pleasure he/she is feeling when making love. The red would indicate the final climax. More sophisticated bracelets could hint vocally it's getting "warmer" or "colder". And even play "we are the champions", or "alleluia" at the end (if it takes too long)...

Reward: better sex
By 4nn4605
well that could be good but it could also cause a lot of problems like who wants to be in the middle of this really romantic move when all of a sudden you here "your getting warmer!" in fact anything other than the "mmmnnnn" you get from your partner would probably break the magic.
By rockeshrocks
Your concept is implemented in a 3D game called RapeLay. I think your idea is getting some light !!
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