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By Davey C
As the population booms, overcrowding is becoming an ever increasing problem. So, why can't we make our own land? Now I've seen this done, I know that they did this in Japan for a new airport... I think. Can't they do it on a much larger scale, to make a land-mass? It would be a big project and take a long time, but I don't see why It can't be done, I think we have to consider this option before we think about moving to mars!
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By Steve
If I'm not mistaken, implementing this idea would contribute further to the rising of ocean levels? :-/
By AaronAgassi
No, it would not. Whole mountain ranges would have to be flattened and put out from the shore, to even begin that kind of water displacement. -To equal the volume of ice that is above water at the poles...

Also, certainly platforms and floating bodies displace even less water.

You must be thinking of beach front land fill as a counter measure against rising seas. -Or, more often, to replace the sand formerly generated by dune systems that have been developed over for housing...
By Michael
The airport in japan is sinking tho :)
By AaronAgassi
Are any specific causes known?
By Majed
I don't think we will ever run out of space. I've driven across the entire US and believe me, I would say probably 98% of it is empty. The same goes for most of the land masses in the world.
By AaronAgassi
Then by all means, let us define the problems.
By duh
Hey Gilligan, rather than make your own island by increasing land mass(which wont solve the population overcrowding for long) why not increase the water level on earth by melting the glaciers, then you can not only have your own island, but you can also decrease the population.
By AaronAgassi
"Save the Earth, kill yourself."
By Michael

Everybody is moving toward the coasts and out of the flatlands,
theres plenty of space just nobody wants to live there......
you could just terraform the plains.

Ever watch WaterWorld ? XD
By pooface228
waterworld sucked
By crazykev
Why don't we just build pressurized domes under water?
By AaronAgassi
Or build floating cities or just more house boats...

As I've said before, proper brainstorming begins not with particular solutions, but by defining problems. So, is the problem how to produce more land area specifically, or how to expand living space by whatever means at all?
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By Michael D. Grissom
How about biogenetically enhancing the human race with gills so that we can live anywhere on earth?

I know, I know,... that would only open up huge new markets for advanced underwater weapons.. AND we definately wouldn't want to worry about any of those ugly 'gill people' moving into OUR neighborhood and lowering property values!.. AND there's no way we'll tolerate our tax dollars being used to install sea water fountains next to all of our fresh water fountains.. AND wouldn't it be nice if those "gill people" could just stay with thier own kind and leave us 'mouth people' alone!!! Next thing you know THEY will want to section off a huge chunk of land, name it after an explorer, and welcome EVERYBODY whether they have gills or not. What a horrible thought!!!

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