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By karentrain
Rishi wrote:
Tri Girl wrote:During exams, some of my friends put Saran Wrap over their plates before a meal to avoid having to wash dishes afterwards. What should be invented is a type of spray-on non-toxic invisible wrap that clings to dishes so that you can eat off them. After your meal, remove the wrap and throw it out and put your dishes back in the cupboard without washing them. It would be a bonus if the wrap was biodegradable as it would save a lot of energy.

Reward: Lifetime supply of the product

There are many acrylic clear sprayon coatings already available in spray cans. Acrylic is non-toxic. The coating can be easily removed with a solvent soaked tissue paper.


That would kinda defeat the point as you are having to effectively "wash" the dish after the meal. It has to be something easy to take off and throw away after use. And also not melt if your food is hot...or interact with your food in any way...

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