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By Kenneth Griffin
With last year's attacks on the people of freedom and common sense, hopefully security will be more closely watched, but if dan or mary decide to have a bad day at work, we don't have to worry about a simple slip up because everybody that gets on the plane has no access to the cockpit during take-off and landing and if someone decided to cause a problem then the entire passenger section will be put to sleep. - End of problem!!!

I think it's a safe way.

Reward: That everybody stop the foolishness and needless greed and the faded teachings that were passed down from people that not more than 200 to 300 years ago cut heads off of people because of different ways of life.
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By Steve
Reminds me of the movie "5th Element"... Maybe putting the passengers to sleep should be a standard and not just be applied in emergency cases?

Anyway, the problem is: how would you do this? Using narcotics wouldn't be wise, because they are unhealthy, and out of a million passengers, one wouldn't wake up again. The other thing is that this would probably just facilitate highjacking: You wouldn't even need a serious weapon anymore. You only need some sort of gas mask / air filter, then you have to display some odd behavior so they initiate the "put to sleep" mechanism. And once everybody is expected to be sleeping, taking control of the plane is much easier...
By duh
wouldn't it be a hoot if no one could get to the cockpit from any other part of the plane and both the pilot and copilot suddenly got hit with the same malady...say a heart attack or whatever and then suddenly the plane plummets and you decide you want to take over the pilot seat and fly it yourself....oh can't get in there!
By Letian
Maybe this is a good idea I think. But this need some new way instesd of the connection of this two parts uesd now.please continue to think about these ways. ;-7
By Michael
I think it should be standard to put all of the passengers under,
if it didn't completly stop all highjackings it would at least stop the psychopaths, then you would just have to deal with terrorists.
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By Steve
Another idea: pass everyone a bottle of whiskey and don't start the engines until they've finished it. Result: everybody's happy, good spirits aboard, and the whole *beep* thing doesn't sound so terribly totalitarian. :*)
By pwjthegreat
Imagine you were put to sleep in a flight... this way, you cannot eat or drink anything good or bad on the flight..... wat if the flight lasts for 12 hours or more? you would wake up felling extremely hungry..... can you bear the hunger?
By jackjohnson
12 hours? Extremely hungry? Come on! You would not be in the moment enough. Last Sunday I just ate a pack of biscuits, two sausages in the morning and, granted, ten or fifteen mints but that was it. Just a tad hungry the next morning. I am by the way overweight and it was not a diet. Stores were closed and near my newly location I haven't learned yet of any snackbar establishments. It was cold and I didn't feel like, on my bike, riding too much around. I know, now I am the one that should follow my advice.

If you control you breathing and activities you can last. Don't stray from yourself.

About 9-11: the problem is that we can't have an attack like that but the reason we don't want to and can't have it, misery and suffering, is the same reason that, I think, Bin Laden got doing it. Great numbers of children in Iraq dying, those facts. Unncessary sanctions. Unnecessary. Of course Bin Laden (and others) is (are) pissed. But maybe he is just an 'adventurer'. And again, I do not in any way approve of his act.
By jackjohnson
*beep* should read: mad
By Rishi
High Spirits is just too apt! Yo! Ho, Ho, and a bottle of rum.

Suppose the flight deck crew and at least one out-of-sight cabin crew are on an external support system from the time flight starts (They have a full mask with an independent air supply). Suppose they are equipped with wireless switches hidden in their shoes or under arm(both arms) such that in case of emergency they can activate the switch by pressing both arms to their sides or both little toes down on the shoe or some such conscious action, which normally will not happen by chance.

Then we can think of a suitable vaour phase anaesthetic, which can be deployed through the plane's AC duct. We have to choose one that will not lead to a medical emergency you envisaged. The hijackers may not be able to counter this because they will not have an independant air supply, and they cannot tip their hand appearing fully masked on board.

Not easy. When we try to detail the solution more problems can crop up.

Worth continuing to look at though.

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