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By AaronBurns
Have a large team at the factories where paper money is printed and have an actual ink finger print on part of the bills which has to match one of the teams thumb print to be a legal bill. This would be the last resort to catching counterfeiting money, since common detectors are already available at any checkout station of any establishment or store.

You would simply scan the bill, check against the data base of thumb prints and check for that specific print, to tell if the bill is real. This is to prevent having to take other measures after a transaction. It would create a large company of persons placing their classified identity prints on printed bills in an ink with unspecified and numerous qualities for originality and impossible to recreate, since the ink thumb print would be placed there after the normal printing process, to seperate the print from the end process. You leave a space on the bills for the thumb prints.

Reward: A one dollar bill from every country with this process!
It would create a large investment business people of their identity classified prints on invoices printed in ink with many qualities and unspecified for the originality and impossible to recreate, because the fingerprint ink is placed there after the normal printing process, to separate the printing process end

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