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By ed eberly
I hope i spelled that right :-)

It's a great idea for not cleaning up dog poop. It's a disposable plastic bag with 2 holes to put the hind legs in. Comes with a drawstring for around the waist too. Now every time your dog has to do its doody it goes right into the bag. Easily take it off after use and pull the drawstring shut and toss it away. Now for the peeing I have no inventions, a little pee never hurt anyone.

Reward: Please don't put them on my doorstep, thanks.
By Tommahawk
Charlton Heston says: Let my people crap!
By ReligionY
This adds to environmental wastes, causes disconsertion to the dog by changing it's instinctual habbits, makes the dog appear incredibly unfashionable, and who wants to be caught walking a dog wearing a diaper? The dog may also cause a mess when trying to remove the bag.

Otherwise, this is not a half bad idea for dog owners urban settings. Monkies already wear daipers, and arguably, no one sees anything wrong with this. These could be used on puppies for house training, and for dogs while traveling, and I can see where there might be a market for those instances.
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By Lukasz
ReligionY made a very good point, there is a market for it, but I agree that it would most likely not catch as everyday use invention.
By FemerPie
The reason that this idea lacks marketablility is the visual image that everyone gets when they hear it... a German Shepherd, walking around town in a clear, uh, trashbag where you can see the poop......GROSS!!

Instead, you should design doggy "running shorts", real cloth fabric outer shell with a sewn in plastic inner lining. This offers owners a stylish alternative, the dog just a bit more dignity, and avoids waste, since these shorts would be completely washable and reuseable. (It's also a little less likely to get you messy....)

Because fabric would be the primary material used as opposed to plastic, you would leave open a larger variety of styles and colors, making it easier for your potential consumers to envision the product becoming a part of their every day lives....

Just a thought, but it might work.
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