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By Franziska Trost
The most horrible thing in winter-time is getting up in the morning and walking the dog - you're still bed-warm but outside it has minus degrees, brh. So please can somebody invent an elevator that brings the dog from the balcony directly into the garden! Maybe with an integrated whistle that calls the dog back again. And a warm blanket so the dog has a little luxury on its way down.

Reward: Send me one. And don't tell anybody else. My balcony is already waiting for this construction!
By Roman
Hello Franziska!
My non-patented catapult device is waiting to be installed (of course with integrated rubber rope to get the lucky dog back into the warm room). I am sure "Walter" would enjoy it - or was the dog´s name "Murray". J . By the way walking the dog the old fashioned way would be much healthier, not only for the dog - you could be hit by the incoming pet.
By Jack Rapp
Hi Roman, hi Franziska!
There's a website that sells devices that solve these problems (without the need for a pan or a maid); check out:

They're a bit expensive, and I believe they say there's a slight risk of pet whiplash, but I think you'll find it well worth the money!

Hope this helps,
By Andrew Adler
Settle for a doggy litter pan? I know someone who uses one of these on her 20th floor balcony. She uhm, also has a maid who drops in and cleans it.
I saw a guy on TV that would lower a small dog to the ground by a rope tied to a harness. Granted he was only 3 stories up. :-]
By AaronAgassi
Or one can make a large flat box, fill woth soil and plant a garden on the balcony, for Man's best friend to do his biz.
By FrozenInEdmonton
My girl friends dog (Wolf Sheppard cross) Atlas, is getting to old to do the steps. He still loves to play just not so good on the steps. So I have been in the process of building him an elevator. I'm a machinist instructor at a collage, and I have been able to get most every thing I need for less then $100 bucks so far I will post you a picture when it is done.
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