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By Stephen F. Wrona
Here's my idea for a simple foam paintbrush. The handle is reuseable too!

O.k. to make the paintbrush handle, take a wire coat hanger, cut it and bend it into a straght piece of wire. Next, bend the wire around a 1/4 inch metal rod, so that you make a spiral wire "sring" or corkscrew about 6 inches long.

Sharpen one end of the "corkscrew" to a needle-like point. Now get a piece of foam from old upholstery or packing (i'm not talking about styrofoam). Screw the handle into the foam just like a corkscrew and you have yourself a paintbrush.

Take care not to *beep* yourself when screwing the handle into the foam. Use this idea at our own risk. It's worked great for me. I had lots of spongy foam from compter packing at work, so i came up with this idea to reutilze the foam.

Just cut the foam with a sharp knife to the size you need. Again, the handle is reuseable. Just unscrew it out of the old foam brush, and screw it into a clean piece of foam. No need to clean the brush, if you don't care to.

Tell me what you painted with the brushes.

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