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By 'The One'
I decided that I was building up too much stress and couldn't eliminate it from my brain. So I decided to take a dip in my swimming pool because I thought, "Where can I possibly go to scream out all of this stress without anyone being alarmed and without having to find the local mental institute?". So I went for a dip in my pool, and remembered those Dragonball Z cartoons as well as 'Super Sonic' and all that kind of thing and how they let out their rage and all the negativity they have built up.

So I went under water and focussed on the point of where my pain was in my head, and screamed under water as if to force my hairline forward to to eliminate my big stressed forehead, and, as I kept forcing this pain out forward from my face, as if crying and furious, it happened...

Yes, it happened...I'm not sure whether typing this is such a good idea, but this must be the reason they made all those cartoons and stuff, because they must have been premonitions that this would happen some day...

Lost Prophets were right...as they they say in one of their songs, 'Rooftops' where they say "Scream your heart out". (Not literally scream your heart out, but scream to force the stress out), so Lost Prophets could be REAL prophets of some kind...

Anyway, it happened. The water around me reacted violently and I lit up gold, with immense power of light in and around me...just like Dragonball Z, I swear it was, among the sudden outburst even though it was all a shock. I can't believe it...I didn't turn extremely bulky or anything, because I'm quite slim, but everything else happened. It felt extreme but maybe I didn't have quite as much stress in me as I thought...

Please somebody respond to this...
By 'The One'
Only joking, I've not tried it yet, but when I do, and if it works, I'll let you know!... :-D :-]

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