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By Brendan. M.D. Basone.
This would invove the genetic modification of Amoeba cells and/or primate animal cells, that is Lymphocytes to make new cells. These new cells would attack Aids virus cells and perhaps others but not human cells. They would on the surface be alike human cells, free from attack of the hosts immune system. They would also be chosen or modified to move through human tissues effectively. That is the brain the blood vessels etcetera. For other animals have better immune systems than ours concerning some diseases and some Amoeba are very simple life forms. Amoebas can be cultured injected and later destroyed with an antibiotic. First for aids then...

Reward: A little support in my future altruistic business ventures.
By kevlar
Do a study on HLA antigens.
By Brendan Basone
The idea is not new, that the proteins and surfaces are human like enough to make it pass by the human immune system. Doctors made mice like this, with blood that could pass by attack in the human body, but being communal animals this may have lead to mice disease crossing the barrier between animals and people.

Amoebas can be screened and flushed of infected water, and from just one clean cell, many can be bread, into a good volume.

Being simple organisms they modified easily and a lot. They resemble human white blood cells. They can be made to resemble human cells in every needed way.

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