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By cyg
I have already made the prototype for it. I have a working model of it. It is a cabinet lifting device using a scissor jack method. I haven't taken the time too pursue any further than making it for my own use. With my device I can lift a total of 9 jointed cabinet uppers. It can lift about 200 lbs and possibly more with the right ratcheting system. I don't have a provisional on it yet. It was just made for my own use.
But, If a manufacturer or investor out here wants to take a chance on this idea. I am open too working with you. I hope this is the right place too discuss this. I already have a toy company that I plan to reopen and do sales again in. Check my profile for the link if you want too see them. I hope too find a home here among you inventors. I know that inventions are a gift from God. It is one way he expresses his creativeness in us. Sometimes I wonder about what is exactly creativity or plain madness lol. So do those who know me.

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