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By mulkins98
My idea consists of a website that is like a bar. You go to the website, enter, and whamm, you see several tables, where a group of people are chatting, you also see that one girl over at another table waiting for the perfect guy to come and sit down with her. You can request songs on the jukebox, you can play pool with people or other games, maybe a card game in the back.

But the point is, you can virtually set the mood in front of several people and you can also choose what conversation you want to jump into. Maybe this idea could be a simple idea for budweiser website, or maybe bigger, like my space. Or, maybe it could be setup on my space somehow and everyone could go there!
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By Michael D. Grissom
I think you're looking for an interactive Lounge Lizzard Larry video game. As this is a really great idea for dating sites I'd have to think that it's already being done. Now I'm curious enough (and single enough) to go looking for them. I'll let you know what I find.
By jnobbs21
Yes, good idea, and instead of simply having avatars to represent people, each person could load pictures of his/her face into this program, which would animate that face onto the body of the animated person. Thus, when you see a girl at a table, you can actually see what she looks like (if she's not too cute, just keep walking or maybe go to a different bar).
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By Greenearthman
Great idea, maybe the bars can be seperated like
Here for browsing
Here for mates, whatever

and when you let your mouse glide over someone in the bar, basic info could be displayed-age,status,what they are looking for maybe a pic--then you could decide if you want to chat with them. like a next generation chat room

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