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By nikki hurson
A CD maker in music stores which allows you to copy your own cd, with any kind of music that you what, i.e. Justin Timberlake, Nelly, Eminem, etc. create your own CD.

Charge 50p per song.

The machine would already have most artists stored into it and also the CD's. So all the customer has to do is type in all the songs they want and press record. Then either pay at the counter or at the machine.
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By Steve
I think this is really a great idea, and I would probably be one of the first customers, BUT...

Who on earth would want to put Eminem and Justin Timerlake on the same CD? :-P
By Michael
:) ................. (not me)
By oztrader
Great Idea..What about copy right ? :-o
By Tommahawk
That wouldn't be too hard to do.
You would need a pretty fast computer that is able to burn cd's fast,
Setup a stall and a local flea market. Present a catalogue to customers and then charge them.

Copyright isn't really a big issue at flea markets.

Then again if you were an engineer you could probably produce a automated vending machine that allows you to pick your songs, records them and then spits out the cd after woulds.

Pretty cool idea!!!!
By Flamiata
Actually, I had this idea a few years ago. These machines could be put in department stores. A bar code would be printed, along with the CD lable and price tag, and put on the CD cover. The copyright could be handeled by printing a seperate bar code for each song or by downloading the information when the machine is serviced.
By jojesek
Isn't there a website where you can actually do this and they pay the royalties to the artist. You pick your songs, pay for the CD and they ship it to you? Seems to me I heard of this somewhere but only certain artists had signed on so far. They get their royalties, we get the songs we want without buying a full stinky album with one or two good tracks.
By djvivier
I believe starbucks is currently working on something along those lines, it was in a not too long ago issue of FastCompany.
The idea is to make your own cd's etc, while sipping on your latte's. A good combination.

By sneezyalex
They could set something up like that on a fast computer. ;-D
By jwolynski
Internet is already making such things as music immediately available, for free. CD's will be phased out, just like VHS and cassettes. It's the information age. Not the industrial age.
By antnee3
I remember back in the late 80's in the US, there was a company called Personics that let you make cassette tapes in exactly the way you described. So, someone got over the legal copyright hurdles, at least in a pre-Napster world... ;-)
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By The Think Tank
Great idea, i have been thinking about this and more.

Now in the remixed Napster world we have many websites who allow consumers with subsriptions to download many MP3s, while they deal with the royalties themselves. (or sometimes there are free trial periods for 100 000 songs, or corporate sponsorship discount)

This is even easier than going to the music store to get songs. Still, people love to browse shops and to be around people. Music stores should set up terminals for MP3 downloads, where custormers can download from the database - songs, albums, huge bundles of songs etc... onto their MP3 players which store weeks long of music space. Overheads change from storage costs and duplicate CDs to datbase and terminals. There wont be any overhead charge on the cost of that cheap plastic disc, the premium charged for security against overproduction etc...

got an idea for movie rentals like this as well, but this is for another day
By PBShop
just wanted to say copyright is a big deal everywhere. ok you may not get caught at the swapmeet but why would you risk it? anyhow the man who did the charlie brown comics used to go around to craft shows, swapmeets, etc to see if people were selling stuff with his stuff on it. Not used items they bought like that, but if they painted, printed, stenciled, whatever he sued them.
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