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By Regtracker
cool idea. the copy-write,royalty issue could be easily solved with a strict electronic purchase policy, that way all monies owed by the purchaser and business could be routed where they need to go through the net at the time of the much goes where would be a programming issue with the service.

this could also eventually cut the monopoly the record companies have(A-list artists are making good money but the record companies take the lions share).

it would be perfect for the MP3 market because the indie artists would have their shot without having to be signed to a major label(the only obstacle would be the quality of the production but with tech the way it is now someone could do as good or better in their own studio at low cost with no overhead).

you could have the same top 10-100 downloads and it would actually be what the consumers want (not what the record companies, critics decide to push).

I'm thinking that you would have to get the music player manufacturers to pick the best units suited to the service then have the buyer register the player that way when they download each song it could be tagged for that buyers purchase and can only be played on their personal player and software could be made so they could download only to their own pc or storage , the songs are tagged to their individual purchase and can only be played on their own equipment so they can't be shared.

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