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By iamthephoenix
All of life and all of its experiences, although experienced physically, have no perception until processed by the brain. With advancements in neural technology (although, perhaps a few years out) if subject A "a sky diver" is "recorded" (his electrical brain input/output) it could be "played back" in someone else's inputs. This would yield all of the sensations and perceptions of the experience without actually jumping out of a plane, or whatever else one chooses. This could be invaluable for training. It could even evolve to the point of downloading to the brain. A PHD with a click and a few minutes.
By dctalk
I blive what you have stated here about puting things into the brain by just pushing a botton, well one way that can happen is because our brain have electral impoles that send and resive information, if we tap into the brain wave we will be able to download information also we will be able to control objects with our brain as well.
By iamthephoenix
that is the idea, at one of the universities they are already doing this typ of work with monkeys. the monkey is controlling a pointer with brain waves alone. at this point I believe it is still a good ways off,.... but boy would it save me a lot of time! I guess the concept was presented in "vanilla sky" or the one with swartzenager on mars about the "virtial vacation".... though the idea was never articulated.
By caliph
this idea is the theme to the movie "Strange Days" 1995, written by James Cameron, and starring Juliette Lewis, and Tom Sizemore. it depicts people who use other peoples experiences as "wire Heads" and are considered Junkies. it's a pretty good movie, check it out
This is also the plot idea behind the 1983 movie "Brainstorm" with Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood. This was a very weird, but enjoyable movie. I seem to recall that the music was very good too.
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