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By Gerry Rae
A vest containing a compressed helium cylinder with a deploying balloon.

Microprocessor controlled valving to adjust gas volume to slow the descent of a person forced to jump from a highrise building. This device could also be used to lift survivors just above frigid or shark infested waters until rescue arrives.

Reward: My name imprinted on the device. Such as
Rae's Survivors Vest.
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By Steve
Why slow the descent when you jump off a high rise building? I think the cool aspect of this idea is that to leave a sky-scraper, "down" isn't the only solution! Using a device that will keep you afloat is an interesting alternative, because it would definitely need less skills / training than a parachute.

Or maybe not. The only problem I see is to get the amount of helium right. Nothing would be worse than after having narrowly escaped a burning skyscraper you freeze yourself to death at 30,000 ft. Maybe it would possible to invent some kind of addon that would auftomatically keep the altitude?
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By Michael D. Grissom
That would be a very large cylinder of gas and would require a time consuming harness to attach everything to yourself. A hang-gliders parachute fits inside of a briefcase and attaches to you in seconds -- no training required -- some models open themselves and for low altitude jumps, some are powered deployment types.
These are available from most if not all hang-glider supplies. I've had one for about 15 years.
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By CycoMage
What about personal escape pods (presumably only for top execs, due to cost and greed (superiority?)) based on NASA's designs for Mars explorers (air-bags)? Boingy, boingy, boingy! !+) With the proper gas mix in the bags the fall should be survivable, if the landing isn't enjoyable. (yeah, I'm pretty cynical. Or so I've been told) B-)
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