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By 'The One'
Would you like to know the reason for all problems in the world? Really? Well, it is because people stray from listening to their good conscience, or, if they prefer not to have a conscience, it is because they gained one without waanting. It might even be because it is a 'bad' conscience that they didn't want in the first place...or it could be because they feel they are trapped and are having to go along with what other people want against their own will. Also, older people say they want things, but, many secretly just want to be young agian because they feel that anything they do in the day is rubbish compared to what was possible when young.

So, if we can all get what our conscience wants us to have deep down at the back of our mind, or for some people, if we can escape our conscience to become different new personalities, then we can possibly find true happines and fulfilment...that is, unless you prefer to be between the two...Mind you, it doesn't always feel good being totally one side or totally the other, so for many people the right balance is essential. ;-D B-) :-)

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