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By AWard
Have you ever been talking to somebody on your mobile and wish you could cut them off without making it too obvious? It would be nice if mobile phones had a button that would introduce a realistic random crackle and fade to your end of the link. That way, it would sound just like you were entering a bad reception area and you could cut people off without hurting their feelings.

Reward: None. I just want one on my phone.
By palema
Uh, dude, how about that old standby: "I have to go, talk to you later, ok"
If you have a person who tries to hold you on the phone with their voice and mindless chatter, resort to the ruder but effective: "Oops!! gotta go!!! [click] ... Followed by turning off the phone for a while.
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By Steve
I think this is a good idea. Palema, just think of somebody as your boss, mom, neighbor... ;-)

The only problem I see: if this goes public, it's not going to be very effective. Either the other person will recognize it as the infamous "crackle button," or (worse) would always suspect that it is even if you're just in an area of poor reception. I would therefore recomment that you build your own device for this, of make some very individual "crackling" sounds. :-b
By jackjohnson
I think even if a limited amount of people made use of this 21st century technology the person in a good reception area would somehow know something didn't add up.

I propose: before interacting with other people a person determines the bs level it wants to communicate at. 1: Bring on the bs. I want to hear it all. 2: Bring on some bs. Not too much. 3: Basically don't bring on bs. If you have to - make it short. I am here for the facts, informational chatter and jokes that are funny. 4: 1% bs. I don't think we can manage 0% bs. We are all such bs artists.

Hey wouldn't that be cool: somebody asks somebody else for the hand in marriage and that person starts honoring and cherishing such a crackle button... of course what *** proposes via a gsm.
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By Michael D. Grissom
There is another good post here on this subject you may want to read.

Info for fun: Did you know that GE created the first cell phone system and then sold it all after determining it would be of no practical use.

I sometimes wonder if there are no limits to the limit of the left brain.

My brother was one of the GE engineers on that project when it ended.
By oreca
I have "SmartAnswer" installed on my Series60 Siemens SX1. You could record a crackle (Wave-file) and put the maximum lenght of a response to e.g. 10 sek. Then, when you want to disconnect, just start Smartanswer. The person at the end of the phone will hear both your voice and the crackle... and after 10 seconds the phoneline is interupted. Voilà
By ErikOlson
Crush up a piece of paper by the microphone
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