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In todays world, BIG BROTHER is becoming more and more prominent. Why hasn't it been implemented to protect people's rights as well as help law enforcement?

This would be an optional upgrade for people, and it would be at their control, so that they could still have privacy. Here's how it would work.

Cameras located at the front and rear of the vehicle would always run while the car was turned on. A third camera and a microphone would be docked inside the car. The third cam. and mic would be turned on by a button located near the driver only in the case they were needed. The speedometer should also be hooked to one of the cameras to prove the speed a person was doing at a given time.

Think about the necessity, and usefulness of such a system. It would be helpful in most accidents for determining fault. And... most importantly... it would help fight corrupt cops, harassment, and with a good lawyer it would probably provide faults in procedure or maybe just downright lies told by cops.

If people will buy $500 speed trap detectors.... they will buy this.

Reward: I definitely want this product for free.

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