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By Carita Brewer
I was reading this book once on what vinegar can be used for. In this book, it mentioned that vinegar was a good ingredient to help with body odor. I know myself, that in the summertime when it's hot I have a certain odor that appears at the end of the day due to sweaty clammy skin. Even though I shower twice a day, I was still getting this odor. So I tried putting some vinegar under my arms and on the rest of my body, and it seemed to work. I also have a relative that says she uses vinegar under her arms everday before she applys her deodorant. I really think if this product was correctly developed, and there was a way that it didn't just smell like vinegar, i really think it would sell.
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By Steve
Vinegar is a great desodorant. I applied it and the smell of sweat vanished immediately. Now if I could ony get rid of that vinegar stench...

To be honest, this doesn't really sound like vinegar is the perfect solution. Besides, vinegar is an acid - I would be surprised if it would do your skin any good in the long run.
By WizardJ

My fiance and I have a small homemade soap business and are going to try a few formulations. This might have some merit. I will keep you posted.

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