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By bina
The no-mess-potty is a potty (to toilet-train your child) that makes it simple and hygienic to get rid of the contents of the potty (wee and poo) without pouring it over the side and dripping it on the toilet seat and floor. It is made up of a seat and a bowl that click together easily (without having to jerk it off and spill the contents) for comfortable sitting. After the child has relieved itself you take off the seat part and can empty the bowl part in the toilet (should be small enough to fit over toilet and possibly have one side suited for pouring wee over it without spilling).

Reward: Please, if you are successfull in making one, I would love to own a no-mess-potty!!
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By Lisa
similar products, means seat+container combination, exist for elderly people. but they seriously look very woeful. for kids this product schould be a lot brighter + colorful so they are not scared away ;)
By lookingforideas
You could put a bag inside the potty (much like a garbage in your bathroom) and just put the bag in the garbage when its time to dispose of it!
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