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By vinylmesh
I was reading how in certain places if two tall buildings are built close together they trap wind and send it rushing through the passage between them.

My idea is not to build turbines between skyscrapers as is often suggested but to build structures outside cities whose sole purpose is to trap wind and send it rushing through a narrow passage in which there are numerous turbines. The turbines can be built into the structure so only the actual turbine bit sticks out.

Given how much the turbines cost these structures could be built relatively cheaply out of concrete or maybe even plastic or wood on a metal frame.(i'm thinking flat plastic panels)

Unless i am wrong this should increase the output of each turbine dramatically.

Reward: acknowledgement
By WSparrow23
That's not a bad idea, in nurseries they use plastic sheets kind of like sails strung up between two wooden posts to protect crops from the wind. I'm sure the same principal could be applied.
By rika89
In most countries the setting up of wind turbines reqiures special permission...with a clause for providing the public with a certain % of electricity generated.. cannot have turbines in buildings..or cities for that matter according to the law...
(even just the head or wheel of the turbine is considered as a turbine..) so your idea might not work out...
however the sails in nurseries gave me an idea...
you could erect a sail like thing between the buildings...this will cause the sails to vibrate and these can be trapped and converted to electricity...
the electricity might not be enough for all operations of the buildings but it can be enough to last through power cuts or eliminate the need for generators... :-?
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