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By NumboJumbo
How many trees are cut down to make newspapers? In an effort to offset this deforestation, all the major newspapers for one day in the year, could add just 1c / 1p or their price. The profit from the action could be pooled together and ploughed straight back into a fund specifically created to plant trees. If all the major newspapers did it, then it would create a level playing ground, price wise, for that one day and no customer would defect to another paper on price. Even if just one newspaper took the initiative for one day, it would help.
I think this sounds like a nice idea. who can't just give 1 more cent or even 50 for this cause or there newspaper. (espiacially all this global warming stuff) haha if you didn't my freind would call u a communist (sorry to anyone that it upset)
By Gavin.Philips
That problem may solve itself, as more newspapers are cutting production or shutting down their physical papers altogether. More people read their news online these days, so the demand for physical newspapers has dropped tremendously.
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