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By ftfmayo
A periscope type of insert for your chimney that projects real time view of the sky, or chimney top vista, to a screen at the fire place opening. A sort of Rube Goldberg version of the window.

Reward: A pat on the back and a scooby snack
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By Michael D. Grissom
This is a great idea for people like me who never EVER use the fireplace. For me it would be a way of converting totally wasted space into something useful. It could also be tested with two appropriately sized inexpensive mirrors at 45 degrees from horizontal. If it looks good, any sheet metal shop can build inserts for your mirrors. COOL!!!

Then add belcranks and cables so that you can selectively spy on your neighbors. :-o
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By 1313
I think you will find that a chimney is not a straight line from top to bottom. Good idea though. I remember once seeing a device that if I recall had a lens attached to either end of a flexible tube. It was used to bring natural light into a room with no windows. So why not use the chimney to direct natural daylight into a room.

Or what about putting a TFT screen into the fireplace and then show your favourit pic etc on the screen.
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