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By builder1
How many of you have seen the sprinkler systems watering lawns in the summer? Well, take that same idea and have the sprinklers lightly misting sidewalks and roadways with a brine solution. I know it will not work under a certain temperature but at least I will not have to get out and shovel. You could modify the sprinkler heads to run in series at a low pressure ( which the brine will not freeze) and when a sensor detects a snowfall, the pressure raises allowing the sprinkler heads to activate.

Reward: 4 goody gum-drops and one of these systems.
By chrishellmax
Great idea. Also we have some of those lines that become warm that you use to cut
plastic covering food. Put those lines in the grooves of your paving. Ten minutes and
power later, the stone will heat up.
Or you can replace the stone with those volcanic rocks that hold heat. So you switch
on the wire, transferring heat to the stone. Voila, melting ice. Lots of water thought

Ps. I stay in south africa, never seen snow before.. ;D
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