Obsessed by the improvements of StarTrek and the fourth millennium, while feeling restricted by the limits of today's technology or that boring second law of thermodynamics? Just let your imagination flow - you needn't be Scotty to beam your thoughts in here!
By Anton Tsvil.
Now, i know you have heard this idea before,(obviously)but this is a little different. the car has 4 small tubes on each corner of the bottom of the vechicle. the ends(the ones on the inside) will be rounded. this makes it able to move in any direction. the source is flames, yes this is a little dangerous, but not if my traffic rules apply, as such:

1.All cars will only land and depart at several points, indicated by flashing red and blue lights.

2.There has to be at least one of the indicated areas at least every mile.

3. No person(unless owners of a vechicle in the area.) is allowed to enter the designated area, the area limits are indicated by red lines(or any other color if you wish)

4. When taking off, make sure you flash the Departure signals(kind of like turn signals) and when landing flash arrival signals

5. Do not land/depart when an unathorized person in the area you are landing/departing on.

6.If you run out of fuel, put on emergency flashes so cars can clear the way, then turn on emergency fuel supply and fly to the nearest gas station, ALWAYS remember to refuel emrgency tanks after use.

7. If there is a crash land in the nearest designated area. if your landing gear is malfunctioning press the parachute button,(this is the only time it is ok to not land in the designate area.)

8.All buisnesses are recomended(key word) have landing areas, contact the landing department. without one, less people would visit your buisness/attraction.

9.All cars can go no higher than_____(you decide)

10.NEVER open doors in flight unless in emergency cases like fire,and parachute malfunctions.

11. There are human parachutes located under the seats use if neccesary.

12. If door is jammed in emergency (you have to have a key to do this)press the emergency door button and the door should be forced open, if not kick open, in emergency mode no alarm will sound.

well those are the rules, a little long, add if you like. here is the deal any resteraunts or attractions usually should have the areas, called landing areas but they dont have to. the car has many emergency features, as you can see by the rules. my main concern is the saftey of the passenger(s). now here is how the engine works:

two chemicals are mixed together to create fire, the fire is equally spread to eac of the tubes leading to the outside tubes that help you depart.

the tubes are a simple concept. you move the wheel to the left each one moves to the right pushing your vechicle. same thing with left. for departure, the tubes move as far apart as they can and spit out fire slowly lifting the vechicle. for arrival they move close together, and slowly less fire is created(depending on your height) until it senses it has hit the ground and the engine stops completley. there is no tampering with the tubes(which are DANGEROSLY hot especially after a landing, any problems should be set aside to an expert. the res is like a normal car, trunk for storage, seats cd player and radio, windsheild wiper, the regular things.

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By Michael D. Grissom

You should print this, soak it in argon gass, then laminate it so that you may re-read it every 10 years or so for the rest of your life!

It is my guess that you are VERY young but INCREDIBLY intellegent and structured. I honestly believe that someday you will be in complete control of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) -- remember that I predicted that.

As I was reading your post, near the end, I was really expecting you to specify what color the parachutes had to be. This was SO very cool. I don't think you missed one single operational proceedure or flight rule. With a little engine rework I think all this will work just fine.

Just remember, I'm an old bold pilot and, by the time you take over as head of the FAA, I'll be up there flying around celebrating my 110th birthday so, PLEASE do NOT impose any age restrictions on private pilots! I'm counting on you!

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