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By Michael Rutland
Basically, this device would use the voice, posture, and habits of Politicians, News Casters, and Religious Leaders, and determine whether or not that person was telling the truth. There would be a digital recording feature so you could rerun the speech or statement to ensure the certainty of the results.

Reward: 2% of profits would be wonderful but I would settle for the complete Bill Clinton Collection of speeches.
By Mel Hardin
I think this is an excellent idea. When they were lieing a big red light flashes on and off, it would have to be silent because the light would be flashing just about all the time. There is one thing wrong with your idea though, I have heard too much negative stuff about Bill Clinton, give me a break ! Now it is George Bush that should be using the "Lie Detector".
By Scott Clark
Bill Clinton, George Bush... They are all the same when it comes to half-truths and lies. The people I think would keep the meter flashing would be the news/media. They couldn't tell the truth if their live depended on it. They can turn a "light shower" into a "life threatening thunder storm" without even a thought that they are making things sound worse than they are. Do they not think we can just look outside? They have gotten so complacent. 20/20, 60min, Dateline, 48hrs, etc... are the worst. Good idea! Thanks for the creative suggestion.
By Dan Anderson
1. Go to your local Army Surplus store
2. Purchase an "Army" flashlight (the light comes out of the side of 1 end rather then the end so it can be hung from your clothes)
3. Unscrew the other end, it will contain several plastic "filters"
4. Select the red filter and attach it onto the lens
5. Turn the flashlight on and hang it over the TV.

Whenever you see anyone's lips moving, check your "lie detector". If it is red then they are lieing/spin doctoring/etc. If it is black buy new batteries.

By Pamela
Good one Dan.
By Lizard
Great Idea, but with the light being on all the time, my Hydro bill would be much higher than it already is.
By Dacey
Great idea, why not use it everywhere?
Like in the school system, corporations,
shopping malls, etc.
By relax in texas
Supreme idea, but the software engineering would be a challenge to say the least. How about getting together a pannel of experts on the physical and vocal cues of deception. The panel should be of varying political positions. Have them review videos of speeches. This may not work on many politicians and newscasters who simply read what is given to them without even knowing it is a lie.
By AaronAgassi
Voice stress analysis software is already on the market.
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