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By bucki107
The Wild Crier would be used to protect your home from a wild fire. Instead of a sprinkler system inside the house, this one would be set up on the exterior of the building. Sprinkler heads would be placed in various positions outside the house. There would be heat sensors on the perimeter of the property that would prompt the sprinklers to douse the house in water or flame retardant chemicals before the fire reaches the house. Alarms would also notify police, fire, and relatives of the situation.

Reward: To save one house from burning
By greatjay
This would be similar to the regular sprinkler systems like they have in office buildings, the only difference is that it would be outside of our homes to quench any fires? I think the idea is fundamentally sound and could potentialy save lives. In my opinion, on of the main reasons why people loose their lives and property in flames is because they are away when it happens. To this end, I have also been thinking about a system like this but with some kind of wireless internet capability that could notify home owners that are away that their homes are being threatened by fire. This way they can respond to it by also calling the authorities. Let me know your thoughts!
By UWS Dragons
Whilst I am no expert, the ferocity of a Wild Fire like those recently experienced in Australia would be too much for any sprinkler system to cope with.
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