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I saw a nifty safety lock for handguns on a tv program. The hand gun is equipped with some sort of locking mechanism which is unlocked by the presence of a magnetic ring which is worn by the owner. No ring, no discharge, no accidental shootings. Great idea, no doubt it'll save lives, make the world a safer place, etc. But what I could really use is a ring that would unlock, and start my car when I lose my keys, or prevent my car starting if someone tries to start it with out the ring.

"The ring"
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
But what I could really use is a ring that would unlock, and start my car when I lose my keys

Then why would you need keys in the first place? 8-o
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By Lukasz
Hey FTF, cool idea, but it would need to be more than just magnetic ... since all you will have to do is use any other magnet and it will be useless ......
By the way, I saw the magnetic kill switch for a car back in 1994, in one of those European cars "Skoda" or something like that. All you had to do is use a magnet of a certain shape, and put it in a specific place. But if you were able to put a magnetic code that will be very hard to break it would be VERY COOL!
By ftfmayo
Thanks for the feed back. Seems like magnetic coding should be a minor detail, magnetic ink works for checks, magnetic strips for credit cards and hotel doors. As for not needing keys, that would meaning changing status quo completely and the world still resists change so I think an aftermarket system that works with any vehicle would be more feasible. Besides if limited to only new vehicles I'd still be spending half my life trying to find my keys because I'm way to cheap to buy any vehicle thats not at least half my age.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I hate all keys -- always have -- always will.
I'm for anything that will eliminate the need for keys.
I would be willing to wear a surgically implanted microchip in my index finger that would be recognized by everything I own (including guns).
By Jack Nobbz
here in england we have a slightly better and more effective way of dealing with citizens accidentally shooting each other, or even doing it on purpose.

we don't allow our children to own lethal weapons from the age of 12, or assert that it should be a right of every citizen to own lethal weapons. instead, we ban them. :O!!
By xanado
Keyless start is available in many European cars (not just top range). It works with a credit card-like radio transmitting device. Of course that you'd be able to make into almost any object of your choice, including Michael's idea of an implanted microchip.

As for people starting you car without the ring, have you ever heard about coded keys? These have been in use in the great majority of cars for a few years. They also transmit a radio signal, if the signal is not present, the fuel pump will not work, so you simply cannot "hot-wire" a car that uses that system.

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