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By Steve
Computer mice are cheap these days, and it's fairly easy to connect two or more mice to a computer. So why are there no games for multiple mice out there?

I can imagine all kinds of setups:
- A coordination game where you hold two mice, one in your left hand, one in your right hand.
- Challenging games where each competitor controls his or her own mouse.
- A collaboration game the player's movements are added up, so they need to coordinate with each other in order to not constantly miss the target.
By ripost
I agree! It should be possible to connect a second (left hand) mouse to the computer, so you had two pointers.
It would be fun to try - it could actually be more efficient than one.
By Eugene
You can do this, GlovePIE allows multiple cursors at once.

I've been wondering why you need to have two computers to play a two player computer game. Why not connect two keyboards, two mice and have a split screen setup allowing multiple users to play on the same computer. It would correct the anti social nature of computer games.

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