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By george g moore
I used to make furninture I had a modern spray set-up where the fluid was forced out of the carbided nozzle by physical pressure not by air (Lincoln makes this). The spray salesman at the time and me figured that it would be possible to make a slurry of cement and spray that also.
Now you construct a large rubber bladder, like the bladder of a football, but this one ten feet around and in a bullet shape about ten foot tall. Then you blow up the bladder and you spray on some cement then you add coating of chicken wire then you spray on and on and on building up the layers. When the coating is thick enough and dry you deflate the bladder and take it out the entry-way or the window that you purposedly built in. Then you put it someplace else and inflate it again. All kinds of shapes all kinds of entries permitted, doors and windows. Larger, larger sizes would require pre-stressed steel rods. Oh! and color could be added right off

Reward: can of tuna
french bibles (segond translation) to give away
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By Michael D. Grissom
This is the way many of the geodesic dome homes are built. The two most popular spray materials are cement and rigid acrylic foam insulation. The acrylic foam method doesn't need reinforcing wire (just the bladder) and would make it light enough to fold up and carry to another location. I remember this being posted elsewhere in CP years ago. I built a three story geodesic dome home in 1988 and used the acrylic.
By george g moore
I didn't know that
means there's nothing new under the sun. So what you gotta keep going/

In 1969 The Vermont council of churches offered a reward for a house that could be built for under ten thousand dollars/ I went to Maine soon after and never knew the outcome of that. Pëople probably would be afraid of somethng looking different from their neighbor's. Except in Vermont. I don't know. Knew a guy and his wife in Orange county who built a movable plywood frame that you poured in gravel and stones and cement and then movedit up two feet when it dried and did it over again and so on. When I think of how much we spend of our working lives paying for housing it's frightening. Not correct. Great deal of freedom in Vermont to experiment/ Colorado too, with auto roofs from the auto graveyard.
Keep on truckin' Thanks
george moore
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By Michael D. Grissom
George.. I've always dreamed of purchasing all of the aluminum bombers, airliners, and cargo planes from the aircraft graveyard for the price of scrap aluminum and welding them into a massive integral apartment/condo complex with wings as porch covers and tail feathers as rungs on spiral stair cases etc. I know this has been done already (Japan I think) -- I've seen it on the internet.

A perfect community with runways for retired pilots? ..just a thought ;D
By george g moore
Hi You know? North of philadelphia there was, 1950 or so, (I'm man old guy: 20 in the head and eighty in the knees) but this guy took an airplane I think it was a dc3 and he made a diner out of it; Just beside the highway was this resataurant airplane.
Plus Years ago during the hippie time they used to make as I said houses out of the roofs of junk automobiles, cut them around with a torch and then tack weld them together. That was in Colorado I think.
I have no house I have nothing as a matter of fact I had four strokes (fine now) but ended up the long battle with absolutely nothing. Still there. Doesn't matter. I'm really the happiest guy on the planet. But anyhow sometimes I think about what a man spends on housing, about a third or a quarter of his life-long income for something he could put together in a month or two bricks or straw or stone or alluminum
about the strokes: there was a time I couldn't see didn't even know how to walk. But I was Marine and one thing the DI sargeant said that stuck in my mind : 'if one man, anyman, can do it, you can do it!' So we relearned everything.
Why do they keep all those airplanes anyway?
Have a Russian friend who said to me, about the break up of the soviet union/ "We were wrong, but that doesn't mean that you are right!" Seems to me sometimes that we go on spending and acting as if we cannot fall but we can; oh we can!
Costa Rico has no army Costa Rico has no war
sorry to run off like this. Not really. Just inappropriate. Sorry/
George Moore (Reverend, UCC: forceably retired forty-five years ago)
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By Michael D. Grissom
George.. this is the cheap fast house (3 story Geodesic Dome) I built. It took 3.5 years of weekends and evenings and the insides looked like the bridge of the BattleStar Galactica. Once I had lived there for a few years I knew I could never again be satisfied with a standard box home with square rooms.

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