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By george g moore
Here's a big one:
Do you have the technical skill or know someone who has?
I live in Paris. In the halls of the metro station underground at Duroc station, I was walking behind a hand-in-hand couple who were blind. They talked endlessly and tapped tapped tapped along. The corridor turned off to the left. The couple followed along in the middle, like not even thinking about it - with the curve. How did they know that? Ahh! because they heard it turn. They had not tapped the wall, they just eased along in the curve.
Then I thought of a flying bat. He has no eyes, but he avoids problems and finds small flying insects at night. He emits a radar sound that the return of which he uses to judge, by the Doppler effect, to tell distance and form.
I imagined....Imagine a blind person with a pair of spectacles with antenna at each end that emits a series of waves, the return of which he uses to calculate automatically, as a bat, distances and forms. The doppler effect, if you don't know, and excuse me for assuming you don't: is that the shorter the return of a sound the higher the pitch: listen to a train coming and how the sound rises at the approach until it passes. If we can use doppler, and we do, to explode artillery shells and kill people with shrapnel, surely we can figure out how to do this. I'm isolated and seventy-nine or I would do it myself!

Reward: I've had a lot and now I have nothing: I'm the Poorest guy in Paris, which might be better than being the poorest guy in Peoria, so if you can use this and I hope you can, Appropriate dried or boxed food would be gladly received.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Only if the 'ping' reflects off of a moving object that changes it's speed relative to your ping transmitter will the "pitch" change (like the train). The distance only determines how long it takes that ping to return. A bat can decode all of it to determine speed (pitch) and distance (individual clicks) and direction (ear stereo).

There was a totally blind guy on American TV a few months ago who created these bat like clicks by snapping the end of his tongue on the roof of his mouth and could point and tell you what the objects around him were as he walked down the street with the news reporter. He pointed out everything from rocks and trashcans to the location and size of cars parked along the curb. He was so good at it that he didn't require a cane.

I remember years ago an inventor on TV that patented a device to be worn by the blind that created those clicks. I'm sure this can be Google searched on

For example; I searched on "clicks blind" (not using the quotes) and found:
..and there are a few more patented sonar devices for the blind listed on the front page of this first patent I found. Each one of those patents will also have a listing of similar patents.

By-the-way, you said you were in Paris and I just read that the French and UK governments just put all of their secret UFO files on the internet stating there was no longer a reason to keep them secret. The Pope was consulted and agreed. BRAVO to the French and English!!! I've already been to the UK UFO site -- I've been reading in there all day before coming in here.
By george g moore
boy oh boy thanks a lot for taking all the time to write that. I reallyl think it could be standardised and not too difficult Really !thanks for the information

A propos to your ufo thing/ When I was a Marine on Guam in 1947 I was on guard duty at the fifth field depot and I wanted to sneak a smoke but I didn't haver a light. I didn't say a 'match' because there are other ways to light a cigarette and not be seen. Anyhow I called to my buddy on the next post and we stood around having a smoke and "in the sky!" he said; "what's that?" I said it's a trick on your eyes. Look at some other stars and fix your gaze and let's see: and it did: move a iot; would dart off in a direction, stop, then turn off at fortty-five degrees then some more: we watched for half an hour, figured it was some big deal the government was working on we swore never to tell anyone. I'm being disloyal in telling you. I'm seventy-nikne now so I guess it's okay.
George Moore Three-time corpral USMarines. Don't ask why three times/
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